Friday, November 13, 2009

Funky Food FRIDAY: Working up a RONDO thirst!

We're going to post a fun food memory every Friday in hopes that we'll strike up a Proust-ian flashback to your taste buds. First up: RONDO!

Who else remembers RONDO citrus soda? This ad is hilarious...the whole point of the soda seems to be that you could "slam it down fast." Screw the taste! Which actually, was pretty darn good.

And look how easily he crushes the can! They were made differently back then, right? It's like they're made of paper to watch ths guy smush it.

Web references claim the soda ceased production in 1983, but I swear that is NOT true. I worked at a grocery store (Knowlan's in White Bear Lake, Minnesotans represent!) in 1985-1986, and I swear I remember taking returns of Rondo glass bottles then. (Glass bottles, for deposit, because I am old.)

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Annie said...

I loved Rondo! I was very young when they stopped making it, but I drank it every time I went to my grandmother's house. I was allowed to have soda over there, but we rarely had it at home. That probably made it seem even better!