Friday, November 13, 2009

If they've got a blue space monkey with them, we're outta here.

Wonder Twin powers, activate! Look who's set to show up on tonight's episode of "Smallville": Zan and Jayna, better known to fans of "Super Friends" as The Wonder Twins. A replacement for even lamer teen "heroes" Wendy and Marvin, the alien siblings would knock knuckles, then transform into some unnecessary combination of an animal and a type of H2O. Please, please, please let them change into an eagle and a bucket of water. ("We're going to circle majestically overhead, and then get the criminal slightly moist!")

According to an article in TIME from last year, some people actually point to the Wonder Twins' power-activating gesture as the first national use of the fist bump. Right. And Black Vulcan discovered electricity.

For plenty of clips of this not-so-dynamic duo -- and some excellent snark -- check out Seanbaby's Wonder Twins "tribute."

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