Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh Smurfberry Crunch, we hardly knew ye

Oh man, how did SmurfBerry Crunch not come up in our cereal discussion, either here or on Facebook?

This commercial is hilarious on so many levels. Is that "The Nutcracker Suite" music? How annoying would it be to get squirted in the face with warm milk direct from a cow's udder? Does Papa Smurf deserve no privacy? He kind of looks terrified. Why would you think he's be excited about a breakfast consisting of the only cereal you make in your Smurf slave-labor factory? Wouldn't he want, I dunno, a bowl of Apple Jacks now and again?

And how did this cereal not last FOREVER? (Don't answer that last one. The rumor is that it was yanked for, uh, turning a certain waste product weird colors. You'd think they would have caught that in beta.)

Keep watching the video for a race car track toy ad, and a teaser into a whole pile of video-game themes cartoons that I dearly wish was on there. Also, my pal Matt over at X-Entertainment has a wonderful post of Smurfy goodness. What does a Smurf-scented scratch-n-sniff sticker smell like? (Again, don't answer that.)

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