Monday, November 30, 2009

Classic clip Monday: Somebody come and play

Ever since I saw the updated version of "Somebody Come and Play" while watching "Sesame Street" with Miss Kelly, the song has been stuck in my head.

I agree completely with the comments from the original YouTube poster. Joe Raposo, the famous "Sesame" songwriter, took what could have been fluffy, nothing, happy-little-kid lyrics, and set them to a tune that gives them a wistful, almost sad twist.

And then when the original video was shot with some sad looking orangutans in a gloomy cement zoo of the 1970s jail-like style, well, that only added to the malaise.

They later re-recorded it over footage of snow leopards who didn't look quite as glum as the monkeys, and then again with a much more chipper Ernie, which is the one I saw this week. But it's still a haunting and sad song, and reminds me that "Sesame Street" often surprised you, and it wasn't just a bunch of kiddie fluff slammed down on video to make a deadline.

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