Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 worst lunchboxes of all time

Are these the 10 worst metal lunchboxes of all time?

I myself had a shabby copycat version of the more-coveted Holly Hobbie (Polly Pal!), so I don't really think HH herself should be on this list. Oh, look, I could buy Polly Pal on eBay. Which I will not do.
Cannot argue with The Metric System or Laugh-In making the list, though.

(Lunchbox Labs, the somewhat famous burger joint near my house in Seattle, has a display of lunchboxes that includes either this metric system one or another one, which leads to the scary possibility that there could be more than one metric system lunchbox. Horrors!)

Also, I am not quite sure what parent would think it fitting for a kid who's little enough to carry a lunchbox to have one from a movie as bloody as "Rambo."
The Campus Queen lunchbox on this list is actually quite coveted, I believe.

Also, disco! On a lunchbox!
What was on yours?

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