Monday, December 28, 2009

Classic Clip Monday: A real change of underwear

Underoos came out in 1979, so these boys dancing around in their cool superhero undies are probably just about old enough to have their own kids who are now horribly embarrassed by these ads.

Now I always loved Aquaman, but seriously, who would want Aquaman Underoos when you had other choices like Spiderman, Superman and Batman? Also, shouldn't Aquaman be on swim trunks or something instead?

Who had Underoos? Confess in the comments!

(Need more Underoos ads? Here's a block of them. VERONICA LODGE was on Underoos? That seems pretty declasse for the rich girl of Riverdale High.)


briank said...

While I myself was waaaaaay too old for Underoos when they appeared (I was a high school freshman in 1979), my youngest brother was the exact age this product was aimed at and he did indeed have the Aquaman variety. He wore the green underpants long after the t-shirt had worn out.

Mike said...

I was ten when these came out. Too old to wear them, but secretly wishing I was a little younger so I could. :)

Now that I have kids, I can't imagine a kid wearing anything except this kind of thing.

Hp0 said...

I had the Wonder Woman set. Caught heck one day for running around the back yard with just that on and a towel for my cape. What? I was six!

Maxwell Hammer said...

I was 9 in 79, so I was the same age as those kids. I had Superman Underoos and he had Batman. There were no Marvel characters, only DC.

Jason said...

I had ones of kids playing soccer. My brother had cool Masters of the Universe ones.