Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Merry Movie Christmas

This Christmas, we're going to forgo the yule log and instead bask in the glow of Encore's "Big '80s Weekend," featuring just about every beloved movie made when Reagan was president. The merry marathon kicks off on Dec. 25 with The Breakfast Club, and bobs and weaves its way through more than two dozen classic '80s flicks -- Lost in America! The Goonies! Fletch! Weird Science! -- wrapping up with Purple Rain on the 27th. (Hey, Apollonia? That ain't Lake Minnetonka.)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is also part of the deal, but that's likely because Cyndi Lauper hosts the whole shebang. (Encore hasn't offered an explanation about why Weekend at Bernie's made the list.) Far as we can see, the only real glaring omission is the Rodney Dangerfield/William Zabka classic Back to School.

The weekend also includes the world premiere of a new documentary, Don't You Forget About Me, about a group of young filmmakers' quest to track down director John Hughes, and starring everybody from Ally Sheedy and Andrew McCarthy to Alan Ruck and Kelly LeBrock.

Check out the whole lineup here, and let us know what else Encore forgot to include.

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