Thursday, December 31, 2009

More toy commercials

Now I don't remember a SINGLE ONE of these products. CHUCKLEBUG? The Best of the West playset? The Chopperoo? Zestabs chocolate vitamins?

But even though I don't remember them, damn if I don't love the ads. The Best of the West ad is apparently hawking a main character as a "scout for General Custer." Doin' a great job there, Brownie.

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Richard said...

Johnny West and the entire Best of the West collection were way cool. Fully articulated and came with a boatload of accessories (or wagonload as the case may be). Complete figures with all equipment are worth a lot of money in the collector's market.
There were repro versions sold about ten years ago, and I had to have one.
(There were also knights and vikings figures along the same line.)