Sunday, December 27, 2009

They learned nothing from the failure of "Bionic Woman"

From the NY Times: "Among the most prominent projects under consideration as new series next fall are these familiar names: “The Rockford Files” on NBC; “Charlie’s Angels” on ABC; and “Hawaii Five-O” on CBS."

Hollywood, QUIT REMAKING OUR SHOWS! They always suck, and we really just want to sit home and watch the old reruns on DVD or Nick at Nite or whatever's replaced that.

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James said...

It's even worse at the movies next year, unfortunately: "The Wolfman," "Alice in Wonderland," "Clash of the Titans," "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "Piranha," "Robin Hood," "The A-Team," "The Karate Kid," "Footloose" -- and that's only the first half of the year. A friend who works in production once noted that even though most of these reworkings are destined to be both awful and commercial failures, it was easier to get one of them made than it would be to pitch an entirely new concept to studio executives, who are more interested in figuring out how to package pictures than anything else. A familiar title/premise takes you at least halfway in the marketing battle -- although I, for one, have zero interest in "The Rockford Files" without James Garner or "Hawaii Five-O" without Jack Lord, and I've already seen Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu play "Charlie's Angels"... twice, in fact.