Monday, January 18, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: Chuck Wagon dog food

And for Classic Clip Monday, one of the most enduring TV commercial images of all time. Who can forget the little chuckwagon driving through the house, pursued hotly by the family dog, only to disappear under the sink? Who didn't wish that would happen in their own house?

But the commercial has SO MANY things to notice. The dog looks EXACTLY like the uber-popular dog o' the moment, Benji. The woman is shown cutting up steak that looks better than any cut of meat I ever buy, only to have it magically transform into dried chipped beef. It's sold in a tiny cereal-size box that any dog worth his fleas would consume in ONE DAY. And of course, it's got the Gravy Train element, where you add water to make its own gravy!

We thought this was a fascinating experiment and wanted to add water to all dry kibble, but really, it only made a mess, and I doubt even the dog thought the "gravy" improved the chow.


Mike said...

I wonder if they would have a shaky chihuahua chasing the wagon if that commercial played today? It would have to be much smaller otherwise the chihuahua would be run over. The box would be the perfect size, though.

80s Queen said...

I remember spending HOURS trying to find that stupid chuck wagon.

GigiNYC said...

"The dog looks EXACTLY like the uber-popular dog o' the moment, Benji"?? It probably WAS Benji!

Speaking of animal mascots of the 70's and 80's...when are you going to devote a post to Morris The Cat, the sarcastic and finicky orange tabby (Garfield's elder brother, perhaps?) from the "9 Lives" cat food commercials???