Thursday, January 7, 2010

Comic-book ads

You know what we’re talking about. They filled up entire pages in Life With Archie and Dennis the Menace comic books.

Get a 7-foot Frankenstein’s monster for $1! (It was a poster.) Torment your brother with Onion Gum, 20 cents! Learn to throw your voice with a 25 cent booklet! Try X-ray Specs, a hilarious optical illusion, just a buck! 100 toy soldiers for $1! (They were flat plastic, but yes, there were 100 of them.)

The Haunted Closet, a new-to-me Weblog that I'm definitely bookmarking, has a great walk down memory lane that highlights these products.

I never sent away for any, but man, did I want to. How about you? Did you ever place any mail orders based on a comic book, and what did you think when the mailman FINALLY showed up with your prize? Were you thrilled, or more along the lines of Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" when he discovered his long-awaited decoder ring was just hawking Ovaltine?


Anonymous said...

I never ordered any either, but I always wanted to do the fundraising sale ones...sell seeds, win prizes. I really wanted to win that chemistry set!

jen said...

that ovaltine scene is priceless. it was sea monkeys for me. man, what a disappointment!