Friday, January 1, 2010

Funky Food Friday: Space Food Sticks

Remember when anything space-related was COOL?

Space Food Sticks played off that trend, even though they were pretty disgusting, from my memory.

This commercial is odd too because the voiceover guy sounds like he's lecturing you, not promoting a yummy product. Also, that spacecraft is made out of paper plates, and wiggles so much it makes you seriously fear for our astronauts.



Kim Kosmatka said...

I totally remember these...I remember them tasting like Tootsie Rolls! Thanks for the flashback. The commercial is hilarious.

Richard said...

We absolutely had these when I was a kid. And oh how did I want anything space related. (I do so miss my Apollo 11 stocking hat.)

Watching the commercial though I'm glad NASA apparently re-thought spacesuit helmets with the holes in them for eating.