Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More bloggage

How about a few links to some other fun Gen X blogs? I think I found these two via JenX67.

--70s Child
Man, what a trip back in time. Just scrolling down through his images, you'll see Pepsi Light, Susan Anton, the Bradys, Dynamite Magazine...pretty much half the content of our book right there. And his musings, while short, feel straight from the heart. Also, some awesome, and inspiring quotes.

--Dad's Dish Retro Blog
A dad of three and a Gen Xer to the core who shares some wonderful retro images. I remember going to Knotts Berry Farm and getting those same creepy postcards of the weird Old West scenes! Those mannequins looked so dead and gross, even for the time.

Adding both to our Links We Love page. Won't you check it out?

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