Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uh, Oh

Donald Goerke, the creator of SpaghettiOs, died on Sunday. Here's a mid-80s commercial for the tomatoey pasta that starred Jaleel White, better known as Urkel. (What's especially weird is that this ad is done in the spirit of the "Our Gang" comedies, and I think Urkel is supposed to be Buckwheat. He even does the open-mouth expression of surprise that Eddie Murphy took to the bank.)

How many bowls of SpaghettiOs do you think you ate as a kid? I'm guessing I downed about seven million, but that may be a little low.


Maxwell Hammer said...

Ten. Only about ten bowls of spaghetti O's. My mother didn't buy stuff like that because she was a hippie and was sure it was bad for you. If I had it I ate it at someone elses house.

When I moved out I made up for it. That stuff was a real treat when you rarely ever had it before.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper said...

I am pretty sure this was the only food I ate till I was 10. Possibly older.

Mike said...

I ate that stuff all the time as a kid. I'd only eat the kind with meatballs or franks in them, though. The sauce was different on the plain one, and I hated it.

I tried them recently, since I have kids now, and I think it is gross. But, when I was a kid, that was haute cuisine. Then again, my favorite meal was probably hot dogs, so that isn't saying much.

I wish we had the character versions when I was a kid. That would have been the only way to make them better back then.

Brian Bellmont said...

LOVED the ones with hotdogs or meatballs in them. Eventually I graduated to RavioliOs, and left those little round pieces of heaven behind. But Mike, I'm with you -- I tried the regular SpaghettiOs again a few months ago, and wasn't nearly as impressed as I was when my taste buds were still fairly new.

rosemary said...

I never ate Spaghettios as a kid. I had one bite at the neighbor's house and thought there was some mistake-- they tasted like vomit! I mean literally. There's a strange acidy nastiness that tastes like vomit. Oddly, as an adult that doesn't bother me at all, and now I am quite fond of the neat new spaghetti I can eat with a spoon. Uh,oh is right.

Jason said...

Too many to count. I still eat the O's(with meatballs) from time to time.