Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weird movie-theater snackage

When I was a kid, my mom never let us get snacks in the movie theater. I grew up thinking it was weird to do so! Why eat when you're already occupied?

When that wall was finally broken down, movie theaters in our area seemed to only offer three candies: Chocolate stars, Goobers (chocolate peanuts) and Raisinettes. We took to the chocolate stars, being kids who didn't like crap in our chocolate.

Now the movie theaters are crazy town. (IN MAH DAY...YOU KIDS GET OFF MAH LAWN!) Tacos, hot dogs, meals served from waiters, Icees, nachos...it's insanity. When we visited New Orleans a few years ago (pre-Katrina), I remember we killed time before the airport by taking in a movie, and I insisted on ordering a frozen daiquiri only because WHEN WAS I EVER AGAIN GOING TO GET TO DRINK AT THE MOVIES? Rob and Todd tolerated my weirdness, but didn't join in. Party poopers.

Anyway, all this is just a big wind-up to this cool Travel & Leisure link to the weirdest movie-theater snacks worldwide. Caviar in Russia! Roasted chestnuts in Korea! Baked fish skeletons in Japan! Oh, Japan. You always have to win, don't you?

Share your thoughts on current and past movie-theater snackage in the comments. Would your mom let you buy movie treats in your childhood? What did your local theaters offer back then?


Mike said...

I used to get Raisinettes as a kid. I was weird like that. However, many times we would sneak a bag of candy in to save money.

You're right, now you can get anything. My wife wanted to get a hot dog for the kids one time but I refused to let her. Who eats a hot dog from a movie theater?

We went to one of those upscale theaters where you have dinner and drinks and sit in recliners. That was really nice.

Kim said...

Led here by PCJM, I'll jump in! We sometimes bought snacks at the movies, but more often we were cheap and my mom had a lot of candy-smuggling strategies that she openly encouraged.

This'll date me, though: we made many trips to the Aurora Drive-In (now an LA Fitness, sigh), and would stop at the local minimart/deli (still there, terrifyingly seedy now) first for enormous hoagies, bottled soda, and Baby Ruths.