Monday, February 1, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: The Carpenters' variety show

OK, it may be sappy to admit it, but man, I loved The Carpenters. There was something about Karen Carpenter's voice that just doesn't come along very often, and the minute you hear it you wonder why all voices aren't that way. Anorexia is a deadly disease, now and especially then, when hardly anyone knew what it was or how to help those who had it.

Back in the time when everyone, from Donny & Marie to The Brady Bunch to The Starland Vocal Band to The Captain and Tennille to Pink Lady & Jeff had variety shows, The Carpenters had one, too, called "Make Your Own Kind of Music."

It only lasted eight episodes, and its weird gimmick was that its segments ran in alphabetical order. Meaning, they had a big letter "A" on the stage and then introduced "Herb Alpert," and moved on like that. Man, I bet those writers must have cursed when "Q" and "X" came around each week, not to mention "Z."

Here's an engrossing clip from the inaugural episode, taking the show from "A" to "H."

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