Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Don't Go Into the Light, Carol Anne"

Zelda Rubinstein died last week. The diminutive actress played the psychic in Tobe Hooper's "Poltergeist," which is, to my mind, easily one of the most terrifying movies of the '80s. I remember sleeping over in my cousin's basement after we saw the flick -- although I didn't do any actual sleeping. I was burrowed deep under my covers the whole night, eyes wide open, convinced skeletons would pop out of the cement floor, a demonic clown was hiding under the bed, and a creepy little girl was going to get stuck in their TV.

What's the scariest movie of your childhood?


Gael Fashingbauer Cooper said...

Totally "The Frozen Dead." British film, girl's dad was a scientist, her college pal slept over, dad's Frankensteiny assistant killed friend, they kept her head alive for experiments. Somehow they were trying to reanimate Hitler or something. Creepy scene was a pegboard of human arms that the mad scientst dad could move with a remote, or something. Here it is:

lightbulb oven said...

Oh, god, "Salem's Lot" gave me nightmares for weeks. I've re-watched most of the horror movies I saw as a child, but I don't even dare to attempt that one.

There was also a terrifying commercial that scared me so much I still can't bring myself to watch the actual movie, called "Magic" and starring Anthony Hopkins. It was about a ventriloquist's dummy and the commercial was just a closeup on the dummy. I would leave the room when it came on-just covering my ears and closing my eyes wasn't enough. I won't watch it, but here's a link

Jeff Sparkman said...

The original "Friday the 13th." In my defense, I was only 5, and I was supposed to be asleep (it was at a drive-in).

My parents explained that everything was pretend, like a cartoon, and I was fine throughout the remainder of the movie.

Until the scene at the end with our heroine relaxing in a canoe in the placid Crystal Lake. And then Jason (the malformed child version, which is creepier to me than the adult hockey-masked version) pops out of the water and the music goes crazy.

I screamed. Loud. But I only had a nightmare that night, and I was over it by the next day. That's actually what got me interested in horror movies. The bummer is that since then, no movie has scared me like that.

Mike said...

"Magic" was a creepy movie. I don't remember much about it now, but I know I still don't like ventriloquist dummies; they are pure evil.

What about the movie "The Hand." It creeped me out to see the hand "walking" around on it's own.