Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foil-wrapped heaven

Who remembers when Ding Dongs came wrapped in foil, not plastic? ME ME ME ME ME!

Some online posts claim that Hostess bakeries on the West Coast still wrap them in foil, but I'm in Seattle, and I only ever see the plastic. Not that I'm a regular Ding Dong consumer these days, but I may have to undertake the research.

That first link, by the way, is via Waffle Whiffer, who has an awesome Web site and is officially a FOG (Friend O' GenXtinct). Also note Minnesota Twin great ROD CAREW on the box.

Waffle Whiffer also found Ding Dong shirts, featuring the long-since-deposed King Ding Dong, at Target!


Wendy said...

Awwww . . . that was my favorite part of lunch! I would open my brown bag and every now and then there would be that fabulous foil filled with chocolate yumminess! I kinda miss that.

lavachickie said...

The foil wrapped Ding Dong lives. Certain bakeries still make them this way, mostly in the western united states. Enjoying the FWDD here in the great state of Oregon!

Anonymous said...

Just finished a box from the grocery store in Arizona that were all wrapped in foil. I actually didn't know they were wrapped in plastic elsewhere.