Thursday, February 25, 2010

MTV just called you cynical

Generation X took one on this chin this week, as MTV Networks president Van Tofler dismissed kids who grew up in the '70s and '80s as cynical and not as civic-minded as MTV's new crush, millenials.

"We're pushing Generation X out," Toffler said. "We're slaves to our different audiences, for MTV that's millennials, who are vastly different than Generation X; they're definitely less cynical -- they're more civic minded."

He has a point, at least about how our generation isn't exactly riveted to MTV anymore. I'm 41, and the last time I tuned in with any regularity was to see whether Jessica Simpson could figure our whether canned tuna was chicken or fish on "Newlyweds" -- in 2005.

But where he loses me is when he holds up "Jersey Shore" as an example of the lack of cynicism and civic-mindedness shared by MTV's current audience. For the love of Snooki, what is he talking about?


Mike said...

Ha! Mtv is just ticked at us because we keep bringing up how they never play music videos, or do much of anything music related, anymore. Of course, they did change their logo recently to finally admit that.

I don't have any problem with a network for changing with the times, but why bash the group that allowed you to get where you are?

Brian Bellmont said...

Hear, hear!