Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Show me that smile again -- don't waste another minute on your cryin'...

Andrew Koenig, "Boner" from "Growing Pains," is still missing. When he didn't return home to California on Feb. 14 after a trip to Canada, media outlets went wild: There've been interviews with his father, "Star Trek's" Walter Koenig, articles about co-star Kirk Cameron praying for his family, and tweets from actors like Sarah Silverman and Alyssa Milano.

Yesterday, another twist -- RadarOnline reported that police believe Koenig is alive, and "lying low in Vancouver."

Especially for those of us deeply addicted to '80s pop culture, it's all been bordering on the surreal -- and a reminder that even somebody who played a goofy TV character from our childhoods is still a real person with real problems. Good luck, Boner -- we hope you find your way home.


mama ritchie said...

Nice post, Brian. I have been following this and I hope he finds his way home, too.

Paula said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, Brian. A family member of mine has been similarly despondent; it's a very helpless feeling. He also has been parting with possessions and that is puzzling and frightening to say the least.