Thursday, March 4, 2010

Barbie the geek

So Mattel had a contest to pick Barbie's next career, and weirdly enough, computer engineer won.

I work on the main Microsoft campus in Redmond, and I can assure you that no one on that campus looks even a little bit like this.
What Barbie job do you best remember? I guess they've had doctors and Miss Americas and "American Idol" finalists and Rockettes, but the main Barbie of my era was Malibu Barbie, so I guess her job was as a ... suntanner? Slacker? Yes, Gen X scores again!

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GigiNYC said...

A computer engineer is just about the last thing that a women who looks like (and dresses like) Barbie would become. For one thing, most computer engineers are introverts and Barbie has always given the impression of being a extravert (in keeping with the all-American cultural preference). For another, she's so incredibly (albeit unrealistically) beautiful that she would probably never have had enough time to herself in order to become a true geek because everyone would want to be her BFF or her boyfriend (unless she was so perfect that everyone decided she must be a snob). Thirdly, especially in this age of superficiality, would probably have been encouraged to capitalize on her looks rather than her brains.