Monday, March 15, 2010

Club-assic Club-ip Mub-und-ub-ay: Zub-OOM! (Classic Clip Monday: ZOOM!)

Researching "ZOOM," I learned that it was based on a BBC show with the best kids' show title ever. Its inspiration was called "Why Don't You Switch Off Your Television Set and Go Do Something Less Boring Instead?"

Which is a bit of a paradox, because if you switch off your set, then you're not watching the show, but is also an unbelievably awesome program title straight out of Monty Python. Bravo, BBC. Well played.

Come on and ZOOM ZOOM ZOOMA-ZOOM! I never managed Ubbi-Dubbi, did you, I mean, I got the concept--stick an "ub" before each vowel sound, like "Hub-i, Frub-iends!" But I couldn't have a conversation in it! Maybe if I wrote down every single word before I said it. I was kind of a hopeless child, apparently.
Do you remember ZOOM? Did you have a fave skit, or character?


Anonymous said...

I remember strongly disliking Mike (I think) because he seemed kind of bossy, and because his shirt was too small and when they did active things you could see his skin, which made me feel embarrassed for him, and I didn't like that. I had completely forgotten about that until just now; I guess I was five when the show was on, though, so I thought remembering the address was impressive.

thatothrgirl said...

I never could get it either and always thought i needed to remember to write in to learn how, but i never did.