Monday, March 8, 2010

Copyboys, pinsetters and more, oh boy!

Part of our goal with the book is to remind ourselves and our friends of how many things that were once immutable parts of our lives have slipped away.

The jobs in this slideshow are mostly before our time, but I love it because it does a similar thing--reminds us of what once was, and is no more. Bowling alley pinsetters, newspaper copyboys, typists, typesetters...

When I started at my first journalism job, we had typesetters, squirreled away in a private, noisy room. By the time I moved on, so had they.

If you love this kind of memory, you should definitely read our book when it comes out, but you may also love "Going, Going, Gone," which covers everything from girdles to blue laws to hitchhikers to nuns. Not all of those things are gone for good, but they've sure changed. Yesterday came suddenly.

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