Friday, March 5, 2010

Funky Food Friday: Shake-A-Pudd'n

OK, I think this was a little before my time, more a 1960s product than a 1980s one, but maybe my mom and dad just didn't buy it.

Raise your hand if you remember Shake A Pudd'n! Apparenly it was pudding mix that used water instead of milk, and you -- duh -- shook it up to make it. Which could get messy, by all reports. InThe80s has some fond memories of it here.

I love the comment from reader Dale Shake: "With my last name (Shake) and being born in ya think I remember Shake A Puddin? It was brutal..."

Also, play the below clip, from a musical TV show called "Hollywood Palace," that aired exactly THREE DAYS before I was born. As the clip is about to end, at 8:48, they go to a Shake A Pudd'n commercial with some 1960s kids getting down and shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

And then they show the pudding, which looks awfully grainy, and delight in throwing the cup it was made in in the trash! Recycling was still many, many years off, my friends. Not having to wash dishes trumped filling up landfills.


mosprott said...

oh hell YES it was grainy. It was *awful*. It tasted vaguely like chemicals, and I don't think the vanilla flavor actually had *any* vanilla in it. Just horrible...

briank said...

I had forgotten all about Shake-A-Pudd'n, but now that you've loosened some cobwebs in my brain, I remember having it when I was very small. The pudding had that weird, airy, moussy quality that screams "PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCT!", and the hard part for me, as a tyke, was doing the shaking as long as required to actually get it to set up. Invariably, one of my parents would have to take over the shaking-up after 15-20 seconds.

Jello 1-2-3 was another thing I loved as a little kid.

Kim Kosmatka said...

Thanks, Brian K! I've asked my mom many times about that 3-layered gelatin. She doesn't remember it at all (funny, since she made it!). Now I'll have a picture to prove it (thanks to Google!)
Love your blog Brian & Gael!