Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Imma let you finish, Kanye, but Pretty Sneaky Sis played one of the best Connect Four games OF ALL TIME

Man, I loved Connect Four. It was tic-tac-toe, only perfected. In later years, when I saw "Star Trek" (or was it on "Star Wars"?) where they played three-dimensional chess with pieces that hopped down levels and ate other pieces, I thought of Connect Four in some weird way.

Here's a great video of Kanye West and Jonah Hill playing Connect Four. I won't spoil who wins, because ... well, you'll see ... but don't miss the part where Kanye gets up and puts on HIS OWN MUSIC to psyche himself up. Or something.

Actually, they both seem pretty cool here. And anyone who's a friend of Connect Four is a friend of mine.

Did you have Connect Four as a kid? Share any memories in the comments. HERE, DIAGONALLY!


Anonymous said...

Did have and STILL have. Connect 4 rocks!

Maria Hayward said...

Gael, let the wookie win.