Monday, April 26, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: Family

I loved "Family." Remember it? Sada Thompson was Kate, the mom, James Broderick (Matthew's real-life dad!) was Doug the dad, and Gary Frank, Meredith Baxter-Birney and Kristy McNichol were their kids, Willie, Nancy, and Buddy.

It's hard to believe Aaron Spelling was involved in this show, which ran from 1976-1980, because it's not at all jiggly or exploitative. It felt real, and awesome. You know how Moms on TV today are all thin, hot and gorgeous? Kate was more momlike--she looked and dressed a little like Alice on "The Brady Bunch." She wasn't thrilled about everything--she considered an abortion with Buddy, I think, and was less than happy with Nancy, who divorced her cheating husband.

The show felt real--and I also remember being able to identify with the fact that the kids had large gaps in their ages. Buddy, like me, was a lot younger than Willie and Nancy, and that affects family dynamics, let me tell you. (They later adopted Annie, played by Quinn Cummings -- remember her?)

The first and second seasons of "Family" are now on DVD, hooray! I have the set and my sister also bought it and we were both pulled right back into the life of the Lawrence family.

The very distinctive house in the credits is a real family's house in Pasadena. I may have to drive by it the next time we're in L.A.
Think you don't remember the show? Watch this clip of the opening credits and see if it sparks a memory. The panning over the family photos is especially memorable.


Florinda said...

I loved Family - I was in junior high/high school when it was on. I wonder how dated it would seem now - maybe not so much in the look, since '70's styles are back, but in the storylines.

Quinn Cummings published a memoir last year, and has been blogging at The QC Report since 2005.

Anonymous said...

I loved "Family" too. I remember thinking Meredith Baxter-Birney was soooo beautiful (remember her on Bridget Loves Bernie? Loved that, too.) and Gary Frank was a cutie.

Someone once told my Mom she reminded them of Sada Thompson on Family, and I remember her not being too thrilled with that - LOL!

Laurie :)