Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hollywood would now like to remake your 8th grade graduation, bar mitzvah, and tuna sandwich

We've posted about Hollywood's insatiable appetite for remaking 1980s TV shows and movies for the big screen before, but this article on lists even more. Let's see if we can make a list:

Clash of the Titans (1981 film remade as 2010 3-D film)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984 film remade as 2010 film, with '70s icon Jackie Earle Haley!)
The Karate Kid (1984 film remade as 2010 film)

The A-Team (1983 TV series remade as 2010 film)
Red Dawn (1984 film remade as 2010 film)

Predators (1987 film remade/rebooted as 2010 film)

Wall Street (1987 film getting 2010 update as Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps)

Tron Legacy (1982 film remade as 2010 film)

MacGruber (based on 1987 TV show MacGyver as parodied on SNL, will be 2010 film)

21 Jump Street (1987 TV show remade as 2012 film)

Battleship (game to be turned into 2012 film)

Smurfs (1981 TV series to be 2011 film)

The Thing (1981 movie to be remade as 2011 movie)

Poltergeist (1982 movie to be remade as 2011 movie)

Weird Science (1985 movie to possibly be remade)

Mannequin (1987 movie to possibly be remade)

Stretch Armstrong (1980s toy to be turned into 2012 movie)

Monopoly (eternally popular board game to be turned into Ridley Scott movie)

What am I missing? What's the MOST EGREGIOUS remake on this list? How can Battleship and Monopoly even be turned into movies? Is Hungry Hungry Hippos or Slinky next?


Amy Ritchie said...

It's rumored that there's a remake in the works of Laverne and Shirley - starring Jennifer Garner and Jessica Beil. I have no idea who will play whom.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper said...

Ooh, another one announced today: 1985's "Fright Night" to be remade.

Supposedly a cult classic, though I don't remember it at all.

Amy Ritchie said...

And ANOTHER announced, which sounds horrendous -

Look Who's Talking. Seriously:

T-Shirt Fort said...

There is going to be a Marmaduke movie. I just a giant hydrant at the local theater promoting it. Yep.

Mike said...

I remember "Fight Night." it wasn't too bad.

When are they making a movie based on Simon. Just a movie of people following patterns of colors all around? :)