Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Coke turns 25

Holy cow, New Coke is 25. Remember what a big deal that was? Why was that again? Even at the time I was pretty puzzled by the uproar.


Fraulein N said...

I never got the furor over New Coke either -- I was pretty young at the time and I thought it was just something they tried to sell alongside regular Coke. It was only a year ago when I found out that it was a replacement for regular Coke. No wonder everybody freaked the hell out.

Laura (orig. from MN) said...

You must not have been a Coke drinker, Gael. I was a sophomore in college when New Coke was announced, and I drank almost a 6-pack of regular Coke a day. Lots of walking is all that saved me from gaining more than the freshman 15! I hated New Coke and was prompted to switch to diet. Tasted awful for a while. Now regular Coke doesn't taste right.

Anonymous said...

I was in college when they introduced the New Coke. There was a lot of hype about it, and Coke brought a tent to campus to give out free samples. Like everyone else I wanted to give it a try, assuming that it would be life-changing in some way. Turned out it tasted (to me) like Pepsi. I was puzzled as to why Coke would knock itself out to change its formula to taste like its #2 competitor. Shortly after, hoarding of the old Coke began, and the backlash soon followed.

As for Coke Classic, didn't they change the formulation a couple years back... something having to do with the type of sugar used??