Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waxing about Wish Books

Old-school department store toy catalogs are in our upcoming book, and I just love flipping through them. What memories! What dreams!

Matt of X-Entertainment picked his favorite toys out of the 1986 J.C. Penney catalog.

The last item is the best: "I didn't know what to say as I peeled the wrapping paper to reveal an Anatomical Pumping Heart kit, and I cannot stress how sincerely I mean that. What the? What was this? Why did my parents get me an Anatomical Pumping Heart kit? What possible sequence of events could've led them to believe that this was an acceptable Christmas gift in any way, shape or form?I admit to being a little frivolous when the time came to pen my holiday wishlists, but I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt that I never put anything even closely resembling an Anatomical Pumping Heart on one of them."

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Anonymous said...

Wish Books were the best! When the Sears Wish Book came in the mail (if Sears didn't sell it, we didn't own it), it was the first sign that Christmas was on its way. I would spend hours perusing it, basically wanting almost everything in there that was age- and gender-appropriate. As the season wore on, I would get more realistic, studying the Wish Book more exactingly. I can still remember the smell of the thin paper, and the weird slippery feel of the pages. Wish Books are one of those bits of "vanishing Americana" that websites and online shopping carts can't completely replace.