Friday, April 30, 2010

What about prom, Blane? WHAT ABOUT PROM?

Awesome blogger JenX67 is asking people to share their 1980s prom pics. Some true classics here!

I miss the 1980s Scarlett O'Hara style gowns.


Wayne Nix said...

At your school did the boys wear pastel colored tuxedos in the 80's? That was the fashion where I went. So much so that wearing a black and white one was uncool in the early 80's and then became retro-cool by the late 80's. In the 90's, after I graduated, no one wore the colored ones.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

If you want to see what I wore to prom in 1981, check out the 1981 from paulw pictures. That girl is wearing my exact Gunne Sax dress!

jen said...

Hey Gael! That is so funny! That dress she's wearing. That line. Man, I was a sophomore in college when this movie came out. I wanted to relive my prom all over again so I could have a homemade dress. Between the Scarlett O'Hara dresses and the Little House on the Prairie ones, Gen X proms make proms today look like brothels. Yes, I now officially sound old and fuddy-duddyish. Gahhh! Thanks for the plugs this week. You ahve a lot of follwers! I've received a lot of hits off your site.