Monday, May 24, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: I said, Young Man!

How much did we love The Village People?

Like KISS, they dressed in costume, and seriously to kids, all bands should wear costumes, it made watching them much more interesting. Gay? We had no idea what that meant or that it even applied. We just wanted to wear that cool Indian headdress and spell out YMCA with our hands.

But YMCA wasn't the only cool song. Ma-cho, ma-cho maaaan! (Or, as Homer Simpson sang it, Na-cho, Na-cho maaaaan!) IN the NA-vy, you can sail the seven seas!

Embedded below is an awesome video of The Muppets doing "In the Navy" dressed as Vikings. (Not the Minnesota Vikings, the warrior Vikings.) And here's the real Village People, equally awesome.

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