Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'Grease' singalong: You're the one that I want

Who didn't love "Grease"? Apparently they're re-releasing a spiffed-up version to theaters for two weeks starting July 8, with lyrics provided to encourage audiences to sing along.
(At last, we'll finally learn the words to "Greased Lightning"...) Also, I always thought Sandy was pregnant in the final scene and that she was singing "that my baby's justified..." but apparently it was "that my faith is justified...

I think even at the time we realized that the actors were in no way high-school age (Travolta was 23, Olivia Newton-John 28, Stockard Channing a whopping 33). And Rydell was like no high school we ever saw, 1950s or not. But man, we loved it. The songs, the acting, and most of all these weird little scenes that just jammed themselves into our heads.

Remember the slumber party, with the girl singing "Brusha, brusha, brusha...get the new Ipana!" Our generation never had Ipana toothpaste, but we know what it is, thanks to that. Remember the drive-in movie scene with the cartoon hot dog that jumps into the bun at the end? That's a sex joke the filmmakers snuck in there, I later read. Didn't get THAT at the time, but loved the dancing concessions. And I remember being semi-terrified that Danny Zuko was going to lose Greased Lightning in the race (later parodied to excellent success by "My Name Is Earl").

My friend Gretchen somehow ended up with two copies of this album (album! vinyl!) and gave me one. I remember being a little bummed because the one she gave me didn't have the sleeve, which was all decked out with Rydell High graffiti and fake yearbook signatures.

Let the kids today have their "High School Musical." We had the REAL one.



Mary Ellen said...

I think I'm the lone soul who HATES Grease. Hey, if you want a guy to like you, get all slutted-up! Whooo! Feh.

NYCGirl said...

I hate that aspect, too, but it's nonetheless an entertaining movie.