Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hitting the bottle

Retroland is reminiscing about WAX BOTTLES!

Loved these things. My parents bought them when we went up to our weekend farm in Wisconsin (they got things backwards--most Minnesotans had lake cabins for weekend fun, my dad and mom decided to live on a lake and go up to work and sweat on a farm on the weekends...don't ask). We always got them at Ben Franklin in small-town Wisconsin, along with candy buttons (of which I know I consumed more paper than candy.)

We were discussing them on the Gen Xtinct Facebook page, and some people loved 'em, some thought they were a waste of candy, and others debate how to eat them...bite the head off the bottle and suck out the Kool-Aid like juice, or chew the whole thing up at once. I was a head-biter-offer.

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