Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Melrose Place" gets an eviction notice

The CW's "Melrose Place" reboot is history. Apparently adding Heather Locklear to a show isn't the fail-safe everyone thought it was. Did you check out this one-season wonder? We tuned in to the pilot, just to see if it captured the goofy, soapy, wacky, bad-actory charm of the original. Short review: No. No, it did not.

But sweet Andrew Shue, the original series, which ran from 1992 - '99 on FOX, was a box full of broadcast caramel corn. You knew it was terrible for you, and it made you a little bit sick. But dang if it wasn't pretty tasty: Constant doormat Jane and her "deee-signs." Kimberly and her murderous streak. Michael and his smug doctorly shenanigans. Billy and his blandness. And especially Amanda, all short skirts and gleeful backstabbery.

So no, we won't lament the new series, but we do have to give a tip o' the hat to the original, in all its delightfully dysfunctional glory.

What did you love -- or hate -- about the show?

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