Monday, June 28, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: Convoy!

Breaker one-nine, you got your ears on? Kids had no idea what CB chatter meant, but it sure was fun to pretend, holding a Romper Stomper to your mouth like it was a microphone and blabbing about “putting the hammer down” and “bears in the air.”

We discovered the citizen’s-band phenomenon when C.W. McCall (who is NOT DEAD) recorded the 1976 hit “Convoy.” You didn’t have to drive a cab-over Pete with a reefer on to immediately fall in love with the romance of the 18-wheel lifestyle. “Convoy” told a classic tale of fighting authority, with the truckers crashing roadblocks and flaunting toll bridges.

Kids weren’t the only ones who loved it. Adults started buying CBs for their Dodge Darts at such a frantic pace, the FCC doubled the number of available channels. Of course, no one knew any real CB lingo outside of the song lyrics, so real truckers had to suffer through listening to kids, desk jockeys and housewives calling them “good buddy” until we grew sick of the craze and moved on to the next fad.

Today, the closest kids come to talking to truckers is when they pull an imaginary cord to try and get passing drivers to honk their horns. Still awesome? That’s a big 10-4.

I dare you not to smile while watching this trailer for the "Convoy" movie. By golly, it's clear here to Flagtown, come on.

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Anonymous said...

You had to love CB's! Every kid wanted one, and I had a kiddie base station that was kinda lame but let me listen to all the trucker wannabes. Like so many other 70's fads, it was done to death, so no one was sorry to see it go.

BTW, did Kris Kristofferson really have abs like that???