Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Joey Stivic doll

Who remembers the Joey Stivic doll?

Joey was, of course, Archie Bunker's grandson on "All in the Family," the only child of Mike "Meathead" (Rob Reiner) and Gloria (pre-"South Park" mockery Sally Struthers, who was quite the blonde babe for a while).

(Speaking of which, back in the 1970s, when we all had huge families, it was a little odd that both Archie and Edith and then Mike and Gloria after them only had one child. I never thought of that at the time though.)

Anyway, the Joey doll gained fame because he was supposedly the first anatomically correct baby boy doll, and this for some reason was a HUGE DEAL.

Matt at X-E has a more sane view: "Thank God Archie Bunker -- obvious hero to young girls of the world -- was there to spray his venom in the general direction of a doll-making factory's naughty-lever. Come on...All In The Family toys? There had to be more sinister business strategies in place. Surely nobody at Ideal thought kids were gonna go for this. No, this was really for older folks who wanted something interesting to show their guests. "

I don't know anyone who had the Joey Stivic doll, and frankly, that is about the worst last name in sitcom history.


briank said...

I remember when the doll came out, although I never actually saw one until many, many years later. It came about because in an episode where Archie had to take care of the baby there was a scene where he was changing the diaper and the briefest glimpse of the baby's penis on screen. Why anyone thought this would be a good tie-in for a baby doll is still beyond me, but the 1970s was a very different world.

AITF broke a lot of television taboos, and they were always looking to push the envelope. It all seems so quaint now, but the controversies they caused were huge.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should post this - I just ran across two of these dolls at a vintage store last week.

Deb said...

I had a Joey Stivic doll!

Tonya said...

I had one! His head kept coming off... grrr.

Anonymous said...

I still have my Baby joey, he has nappy hair now, but I still got him!

Anonymous said...

ok I have what i thought was a Joey doll, face is totally differnt than any I have seen online, am wondering if there was either earlier or later anitomically correct dolls

Anonymous said...

I still have my Joey doll. I feel very lucky to have him, since he was pulled from the shelves due to the "controversy". Anyway, that doll helped toilet train four of my male cousins. You see, he wasn't just anatomically correct. He also peed.