Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Saved By The Bell's" oil-spill episode

Feeling down in the dumps over the unrelenting stream of oil blurping into the Gulf? "Saved By The Bell," take us away! The folks at Warming Glow have put together an awesome look at "SBTB's" 1991 oil-themed episode, complete with a YouTube video that mashes up scenes from the ep with clips from "There Will Be Blood."

If only BP executives-to-be would have paid attention to this episode, in which a dead oil-slathered duck named Becky inspires Zack, Screech, Mr. Belding and the gang to wax philosophical about oil spills.

Check out this prophetic quote from Jessie Spano: "Accidents happen a lot with oil companies, then they just slip out of being responsible for them."

Hmmm. Now that's one to grow on.

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