Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vincent Price's shrunken apple head set

Here's one of those items I completely forgot until I saw the photo.

As if Vincent Price didn't scare us enough, what with his spooky movies, kidnapping the Brady boys on the Hawaii episode, and later voicing over about "the funk of forty thousand years" in the "Thriller" video, he also had this: Vincent Price's Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture.

At this time in our childhoods, we were pretty sure everything in the world existed somewhere -- we'd seen "In Search Of" and read the Time-Life books, after all. So who's to say there wasn't a jungle tribe somewhere out shrinking heads?

Read the comments on the link above -- every kid who was lucky enough to get one of these creepadelic things LOVED it to death. We hope not literally. We need more toys like this today, and fewer Bratz dolls.

Best comment: "My older brother pushed a hot shrunken head onto my forehead. To this day I have this little burn mark in the shape of a face. I grow my hair long in front to cover it. My older brother is a no good drunken bum these days, a total loser. I hate him for disfiguring my face. I hope he goes to hell. I live all alone and am single because nobody will date me anymore after they see the face. Please don't feel sorry for me. You have to play the hand you're dealt."

I searched YouTube for an old commercial for this toy but struck out. If anyone finds one, please post it in the comments! I can only imagine how Vincent and that creepy, creamy, honeyed, poisonous voice sold us this one.


Deanna said...

This is a real thing?!? I thought "The Simpsons" just made it up!

demoncat said...

the episode the thing was making eggs into little creatures lisa and Marge wound up meeting Vincent to get the feet for the thing . the shruken head things are apples. and way before my time

Anonymous said...

there is one for sale in my town