Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bicentennial comics

I'm kind of fascinated with Bicentennial epherma, those transitory publications that came and went and honored America's 200th birthday in whatever star-spangled way seemed appropriate at the time.

The Bicentennial was a big deal in pop culture. Our 1970s dads were inspired to paint our mailboxes red, white and blue, and moms bought us garish spangly flag T-shirts. We kids loved the cool Bicentennial quarters, and I remember my dad brought me home a set of non-spendable Bicentennial coins made of some kind of brassy metal that I thought was just the awesomest.

If you get a kick out of our patriotic pop culture memories, you must check out Stupid Comics' two-part review of Bicentennial comic books. (Part one; part two.) Oh, they are awesome. I love the commentary, too, which includes "WAS SUPERMAN PRESENT AT THE SIGNING OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE? DID BIGFOOT FLY HIM THERE IN A UFO? Yup, it's the 70s all right."

I also cracked up at this: "DC Comics managed to plaster a "salute" across the top of all their titles just to remind everybody that they were as patriotic as the next comic book company. Nothing like a little red, white, and blue bunting to really bring home the horror of skeletons doing things that skeletons do not normally do."

The fact is, I would probably read any of these comics were I to find them in my closet, or at a garage sale, today.

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Stacy Belford said...

Anyone else remember the Bicentennial Minutes that ran every night on tv. They held a nationwide contest for high school seniors to write and submit one and the winner would get televised. I was my high school's Bicentennial Senior but my minute didn't get chosen.