Monday, July 26, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

Raise your hand -- or tentacle or piece of seaweed or whatever -- if you were just a wee bit freaked out by "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters."

And get used to hearing about it, because, naturally, it's going to be a big-screen movie!

It was a Krofft show -- of COURSE it was -- that ran from 1973 to 1975, featuring Johnny "Jody no not the girl, the boy, on 'Family Affair' " Whittaker as a boy who finds a sea monster (played by Billy Barty, because WHO ELSE?) on his beach. Sigmund was a nice sea monster, and his weirdo sea monster family threw him out for not scaring people. Or something.
Check out the cool post by Vinnie Rattolle, displaying numerous Sigmund tie-in items, from coloring books to an album featuring Johnny Whittaker's questionable musical talents.

But as a kid, this show caused me total agony. The mean sea monsters were going to get Sigmund! Or the other adults (because Johnny's parents were never around, not once on the whole show) were going to find out he was hiding him! Now I may have been an easily agitated kid, but this show gave me the willies. And watch the clip below--how trippy are the opening credits?

Fun facts from the Wikipedia entry: Sid Krofft was inspired by a floating piece of seaweed. (I suspect Krofft shows have been inspired by even dumber things.) Most of the sets were destroyed by a fire early in season two, so the sets were minimal from then on. (They needed sets? I figured they just shot it all on some Krofft beachfront property.)

The big-screen movie will doubtless cast Verne "Mini Me" Troyer in the Billy Barty role.

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Wayne Nix said...

Lidsville freaked me out. Partially because I had been to the magic show at Six Flags in Atlanta that started the show.

Mostly it was that long, creepy fall through the hat.