Friday, July 16, 2010

Funky Food Friday: Discontinued Hostess products

Hostess Cupcakes, Ho-Hos, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, SnoBalls and Fruit Pies haven't gone anywhere, even SuzyQs are still around, but there are more than a few Hostess products that have come and gone. Let's review.

Twinkies dipped in chocolate. You can still get them on the West Coast (I see them in L.A. gas stations when we're visiting Rob's folks) or via Check out the commercial with Chauncey the pimped-out Crocodile. It's hard out there for a croc.

Banana Flips
Taco-shaped, banana flavored, GINORMOUS cream-filled cakes. One to a package unlike most Hostess treats which came two by two. I remember we had these in our vending machine at high school and the largest girl in school would buy them. I never got their appeal--I only liked the cream, not the cake.

These were the best. Chocolate cake layered with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate frosting. So 1980s, so gone. Relive the bliss with Matt's most excellent X-E post, and this commercial.

Are there any other discontinued Hostess treats? Share your memories of these or any others in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Funny. I just tweeted you a pic of the box of chocodiles I just bought.

Robert said...

Anybody else remember Leopards? They were Twinkies with chocolate chips baked in the cake. It is entirely possible I dreamed them.

babs said...

I remember Leopards! You did not dream them. I took a box to work, and everybody got so excited. That was around 2000. I was looking to see if they were available anywhere (which is how I got to this site). Wish they would bring them back...