Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bangles vs. Go-Gos

Everybody knows who they'd pick when it comes to Beatles vs. Stones, but there's an equally important musical question to ponder: Stuck in the ‘80s covered this a few years back, but I thought it was worth revisiting: Who’s the better band, the Bangles or the Go-Gos?

Both of these all-girl groups cranked out poppy, memorable and decidedly '80s melodies. But which one's, uh, got the beat?

Your honor, the evidence:

1. His Royal Purpleness, Prince, wrote "Manic Monday" -- that's some musical cred, right there.

2. "Hazy Shade of Winter" is an awesome '80s take on the Simon & Garfunkel classic.

3. "Walk Like an Egyptian" was based on the famous T.S. Elliot poem. OK, not really. But it was a great, goofy song.

4. Guitarist Micki Steele was in the Runaways with Joan Jett.

5. Susanna Hoffs.

1. Just try to get "We Got the Beat," "Vacation" and "Head Over Heels" out of your head.

2. They've got the stats: Two covers of Rolling Stone, compared to the Bangles' zero.

3. And the Go-Gos were ranked #76 on VH1's list of the "Greatest Women in Rock & Roll." Bangles didn't make the list.

4. They're generally considered to be less fluffy than their Bangly counterparts.

5. Belinda Carlisle.

So, what do you think?


Alice said...

Bangles all the way. Not even a question!

briank said...

Don't make me choose!! The Bangles and the Go-Gos were (are) my favorite '80s bands, period.

But if I have to...the Bangles.

(And Susanna Hoffs aged MUCH better than Belinda Carlisle)

Anonymous said...

The Bangles. Hands down, no question, no doubt.

Sylko said...

The Bangles! Their first full length album All Over the Place is so excellent. I have everything they've ever done.

Sylko said...

Oh, and Michael Steele was the bassist. And the song with the TS Eliot reference was Dover Beach.

Laurie said...

Like the Go-Go's, but LOVE the Bangles. Check out the Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet vids on YouTube. I love her voice and she still sounds and looks great!

Dusters said...

Actually the Bangles DID make the cover of Rolling Stone.

And what about #1 singles on Billboard? - The Bangles 2, The Go-Go's zero, ouch!

fordmo47 said...

Bangles have a Rolling Stone cover. I still keep my copy of it at home

N3wWav3 said...

Nothing against the Bangles, but it's got to be the Go-Go's! They have the edge musically & overall aesthetics. The Go-Go's, with very rare exceptions, wrote their own lyrics & songs. The Bangles did too, but had to have way more writers & co-writers to get those #1 singles. Plus, The Bangles never had a #1 album, like The Go-Go's classic d├ębut: Beauty & the Beat, which stayed there for 6 weeks. No female band had that before or since. Their two follow ups were great as well. & Saying Hoffs aged better than Carlisle is false & beside the point. The music, personalities & performances etc. of the Go-Go's get my vote. The Bangles come close, but no other female band has since. Why not?

Anonymous said...

As far as musicianship goes, the Bangles have far more expertise in that because they care what they sound like and want to deliver a great performance. The Go Go's sounded horrible as a live band. However, they have improved. I like both bands because they have definitely proved that guitars and drums aren't just toys for boys. Both groups have fun and incredible music to listen to and that's pretty much what it is all about anyway. THE MUSIC.

N3wWav3 said...

That 1st part comes off a bit like your saying The Go-Go's don't care what they sound like or even want to deliver a good performance! I can't go for that. They may have a more raw, basic set-up & rough punk origins/influences. They might have admittedly sounded 'horrible' initiall, but that only was when they were starting out. In their formative years they sure honed up and were a tight & bold enough unit to inspire Hoffs to quote that while in the crowd at a 1979/80 concert, she'd want to be in a band like that. Musicianship expertise still your argument? There's no doubting the proficiency of the Bangles, particularly Vicky Peterson's guitar playing, but there's doubting the Go-Go's either. To say The Bangle's playing is far superior to The Go-Go's is totally debatable. Compare their drum beats & bass lines for a start. Sure, you might have a taste preference, their instrumental technique & delivery is no way in The Bangles shadow. The main thing's MUSIC of course, but all the other factors helped make both of those bands have the impact they did. Just leveling up & backing up my debate & choice with logic. They both have their own strengths.

Tracie Xavier said...

I hate when these two bands are compared to each other. Apples vs. Oranges, really, as they both had differently influenced sounds.

Can't choose, they were both great groups of sexy and clever women, making music history in a male dominated industry.

bassrabbit9 said...

Bangles know how to play their instruments.
Go Go's don't.

Go Go's wrote a few very catchy tunes- beginner's luck.
Bangles wrote with other songwriters because they were more professional overall.
Go Go's cheap, unskilled punk is dime a dozen.

Bangles forever.