Monday, August 23, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: Osmonds 1978 Christmas Special

Perusing my sister's DVD shelf, I almost fell over when I saw she had "The Osmonds 1978 Christmas Special." Of course I had to borrow it and watch it. (It's actually for sale at Amazon if you just must see it...)

It is truly hilarious, but it kind of leaves you with a good feeling. Sure, the Osmonds are corny and their music never rocked the house, but I don't think you can doubt that they love each other. In this special, all nine Osmond kids (Poor Marie was the only girl!) get together at some huge house in the middle of snow, ride horses and snowmobiles, clown around in stupid skits (ho ho ho, the boys can't cook!) and sing, sing, SING!
Fun tidbits: Donny had just married his wife, Debbie, so they don't have kids yet. Debbie and all the Osmond wives are lovely in a very 1970s hairdo way, although Debbie is perhaps the prettiest. The two oldest Osmonds, Virl and Tom, who are deaf, do sign language for one of the songs. The Osmond parents don't actually look that old--they were in their late 50s-early 60s--and the two Osmond grandmothers even show up at one point and look pretty darn spry, too. Marie strikes you as kinda desperate in a weird way -- she gets the dumbest jokes -- and Jimmy's feathered hair makes him a dead ringer for Kristy McNichol. But like I say, in the end, it made me want to grab my own huge family and have Christmas together, even though it's August.

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