Monday, August 16, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: Whatsamatta you? Hey!

Oh, I know you remember this novelty song from the 1980s. Joe Dolce (who?) sings "Shaddap You Face," which somehow wormed its way into my brain in high school and became one of those songs, and phrases, you just can't get out of your head. Also, the singer sounds like Father Guido Sarducci to me.

In addition to being the opening line of the song, Whatsamatta U, or Wossamatta U, was Bullwinkle's alma mater. It's also highlighted in a funny "My Name Is Earl" episode where Earl comments that he thought Frostburg State University was just a made-up college from Bullwinkle, and Randy corrects him that no, they LIVED in Frostbite Falls. (Apparently the real Frostburg State is in Maryland, but doesn't the name make it sound like it should be in Minnesota?)

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Anonymous said...

Funny you bring this up now -- I sing this often to my 4 month old daughter when she's crying. It's perfect to sing over and over, the Hey gets her attention and she sometimes stops.