Friday, August 13, 2010

Funky food Friday: Burple? Yes, Burple!

Reach waaay back into your memory banks for this one. Who remembers Burple?

My memories of it are really dim, but it was a Kool-Aid like drink that came in a squeezy, accordion-like container.

Retroland has some great memories of it, and says it only came in grape (purple Burple!) and orange flavors, which seems pretty limiting right there. (Wikipedia says it also had cherry and strawberry, which seems right.) Check out this commercial. Who remembers it now?


Annie said...

I remember Burple! I think we talked my mom into getting it once or twice. I don't remember if the drink was any good or not, but we were fascinated by the containers.

harry bandini said...

Lol I was tellin my wife about them and googled it and here I am