Monday, September 27, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: Woodsy Owl

When we were kids, people would actually toss bags of fast-food trash right out their car windows. Recycling was unheard of, and only the real carob-eating hippie freaks knew what compost was.

Things started small, but suddenly the streamroller of "Keep America Beautiful" was chugging through the land. We were taught not to be a litterbug (don't make that Indian cry!) and not to pollute.

The US Forest Service developed a mascot, Woodsy Owl, and his rhyming message was "Give a hoot--don't pollute!" (Woodsy's creator died just last December.)

His snappy slogan since been replaced with another weirdly rhyming slogan "Lend a hand--care for the land!"

Yeah. I like ours better. But the giant yellow outlines around Woodsy's eyes kinda freak me out.

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Charity said...

Yes this is outdated! I noticed Woodsy the owl throwing away what looks to be an aluminum the TRASH vs. the recycling bin.