Friday, September 10, 2010

Funky Food Friday: Razzles

Razzles! First it's candy, then it's gum! (Is anyone else singing the Hostess jingle..."it's a caaaake, it's a candy, it's two taste treats in one"?)

Remember Razzles? You buy the pouch, and it's filled with little dusty colorful tablets that kind of look like giant aspirin. You start chewing them, and they're chalky little candies that really aren't worth your while. But then as you chew, like a magical Willy Wonka product that suddenly tastes like a whole meal, they change ... into gum!

I gotta face facts here. Razzles are ... not the best candy I've ever consumed. Or the best gum. If they only did one or the other, you would never, ever buy them.

But I saw a pack in Walgreen's the other day and almost purchased them. Sure, it was nostalgia, but also there's something about the transformation that sucks me in. I am also drawn to Blow Pops, which also contain a gum center that must be determinedly worked towards. The Razzles marketers were smart people, is what I'm sayin'.

Razzles feel like a Gen X candy to me -- they came out in 1966, the year before I was born. According to Wikipedia, the original flavor was raspberry, and they were actually named after a fictional flavor, Razzleberry, which was never actually made. There's a thought for ya, Razzles. Pick up that old flavor idea and run with it! We want Razzleberry Razzles!

Wait, they have FLAVORS?

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lightbulb oven said...

i just bought some as a silly gift for my boyfriend--we were both so excited about them! and, yeah, the gum still loses its flavor in like 10 seconds.