Thursday, September 16, 2010

"On Golden Pond"

This news story about one of the wood-hull boats used in the 1982 classic “On Golden Pond” got me thinking about the movie, and just how nearly perfect it was. The performances by Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn were as good as it gets (both were rewarded with best-actor Oscars), and the story, filmmaking and music (by Dave Grusin) were tremendous.

Why, it even made a pretty major impact on this 14-year-old boy, more used to shoot-'em-up movies about star wars and supermen than talky flicks about relationships.

And, oh, the cinematography: According to Wikipedia, leftover footage of Fonda and Hepburn driving through the New Hampshire countryside was later used for the opening of “Newhart.”

Plus, it introduced those two iconic actors to a new generation of fans. I got a TON of mileage out of my ham-handed Katharine Hepburn impression (“Norman, you old poop!”), starting in grade school and lasting well into the ‘90s, after Martin Short did his own awesome impression on SCTV and SNL.

Is this on your top-movies list?


Deanna said...

This one of my all-time favorites! I had the soundtrack for a while on cassette, but it's disappeared. And it doesn't seem to have been released on CD at all.

I too got good mileage out of a Hepburn quote from this film. Mine was, "NORMAN, the loons have come back to Golden Pond!" :D

Kim Kosmatka said...

I remember that impression of yours...quite good!