Monday, October 11, 2010

Classic Clip Monday: Legion of Doom

The SuperFriends were one wacked-out introduction to classic superheroes. They were superhero tales as if they'd been approved by your mom, with none of the dark origin stories or troubled humanity of the comics.

But they were also completely addictive, from Wonder Woman's not-so-invisible jet to Aquaman's often-not-very-useful superpower of talking to fish to the odd and somewhat racist token heroes added later on (Black Vulcan! Apache Chief! SAMURAI!)

I think as kids we were supposed to identify with the kid characters, WonderTwins Zan and Jayna (and Gleek) or Wendy and Marvin (and Wonderdog). But no one ever did -- they were just handy hate fodder. My real fandom was reserved for the Legion of Doom. Seriously, how cool were they? Their head-shaped headquarters rose out of a swamp and could fly if needed. The villains themselves were all flavors of messed up, including the barely English speaking Solomon Grundy, a swamp ZOMBIE, and Gorilla Grodd, a superbrainac gorilla. Just read some of the descriptions on the Wikipedia entry: "Toyman: Dresses as a jester; uses toy-based tactics to commit crimes."
There are some great YouTube clips from SuperFriends, and the comments with them are just as hilarious as the show itself. One person wrote: "It's like every minute of this show was written by a separate group of people who never speak to each other."

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