Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Dukes of Hazzard"

Oh man, who didn't love "Dukes of Hazzard"? I think my niece's first word was "Boduke!"

Bo, Luke, Daisy and Uncle Jesse, Cletus and Boss Hogg, Rosco P. Coltrane...the characters are inscribed on our minds. I have no idea what anyone was thinking, though, when they replaced Bo and Luke with "cousins" Coy and Vance. Well, sure I do -- they wanted to keep the money machine cranking while they worked out a contract dispute with John Schneider and Tom Wopat. But it was incredibly lame nonetheless.

So many memories of this show. Hood slidin' with the General Lee! Daisy's shorts, later dubbed Daisy Dukes in her honor! (I love when she kicks the cop in the butt with her high heels and steals the squad car in the credits.) Boss Hogg's white suits! The names Cletus and Cooter and Enos...hoo, boy. (Cooter now has a museum.) The kick-ass Waylon Jennings narration and theme song. Some day, the mountain might get 'em but the law never will. There was at least one kid in every school with a "Dukes" lunchbox.

Did you know "Dukes" was inspired by this 1975 film, "Moonrunners"? Based on the life of a real guy, Jerry Rushing, who had a fascinating life indeed.

Got any "Dukes" memories? Were you a Bo fan, or a rare Luke lover?


Beth said...

I'd love to pretend I broke from the crowd and pined for Luke, but John Schneider was so damn handsome. Still is.

Though, deep down inside, I'll always be an Uncle Jesse girl. Probably the most perfect casting in the history of t.v.

Sylko said...

I never liked blonde boys (except on CHiPs I loved John). I liked Luke. Preferred David Cassidey to Shaun. Han over Luke. John Taylor over Simon LeBon.

Anyway I liked that Luke seemed nicer.

Anna said...

The one Christmas toy I remember being most excited about was my Dukes of Hazzard race track set.